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We all know, or should know, that reviews build more traffic towards our business, it’s what helps us grow and get those all important 5 Stars. But with today’s consumers having a short attention span, along with a million other tasks to do, writing reviews is probably the furthest thing from their minds. But they do want to share their experiences,  and if you know how to ask correctly you can definitely succeed in getting more customer reviews and building stronger relationships with your customers in the process.

Now, it is more apparent than ever, for the need to generate reviews to create success for your business.

Many businesses are too embarrassed to ask their customers to write a review, or concluding that their customers just don’t want to write one. Now, it is more apparent than ever, for the need to generate reviews to create success for your business.

Amazon’s Jeff Besos, recognized this need very early on, and from the very start encouraged their customers to write reviews, and now the system works brilliantly because he understood that;

  • More reviews = more traffic;
  • More traffic = more sales;
  • More sales = more reviews.

That was a very clever early insight to how his online business was going to grow, and now reviews are what generates Amazon’s business.

But there are a few guidelines that need to be addressed to get the kind of feedback that you are looking for..

Make it possible

It may seem obvious, but it’s important: In order for customers to leave reviews, you need to make it possible for them to write them!

That means prominently featuring calls-to-action for customers to leave a review on your site. 

Ask away!

Asking for a review from your customers isn’t difficult, but so many either forget or refrain from asking. Again, customers are much more likely to leave reviews when you prompt them.

Remind your customers to leave reviews as much as possible. While they may write a review from your site, data shows that the best way to get responses is to ask via email or text by using a review generator from after the customer has visited your business. This makes its easier for your customers to write and submit reviews, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. 

The right time and the right way

Data shows that there’s a serious science to asking for reviews – down to how to create the perfect subject line based on your industry, again rannko’s generator makes it easy for you, by using their templates, you can create the perfect email or text!

review response rates jump by almost 20% between 1-3pm

Data also shows that there is a best to ask too, for example, review response rates jump by almost 20% between 1-3pm — probably because people are just getting back to their desks and emails after lunch and aren’t ready to jump into their work yet.

Remember..Your customers want to write reviews, you just aren’t asking them correctly.