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What happened to 2020?


We’re three quarters of the way through the year, but it sure feels like we’re caught in a time warp, doesn’t it? And while the world is slowly lifting restrictions, albeit blindly moving forward, we recognize that it’s still not easy for many businesses out there, both in the US and the countries we support. 

And then there is you. How you feel, how are you coping? Are you ready for a change? If you are anything like us, we hold onto optimism like its going out of fashion, maybe with a bottle of wine for company, yes that too!

Its funny but even though we complain about life, work, business etc. when it is taken away, its missed! We find ourselves constantly in a juxtaposition of sadness and happiness, but whether you are crying or laughing, it’s still a workout for the soul.

So now its time to brush up on your operational skills, and to take a deep breath into the ‘new normal’ and rebuild for 2021.

6 steps you can take now to protect your business

1. Keep your customers up to date – be upfront with your customers and tell them what actions your business is taking.

2. Work from home or get serious about workplace precautions – Even though there are a lot of businesses working remotely, not everyone can. Make sure all precautions are in place that follow the guidelines, keeping a safe distance away from others, regular hand washing, and disinfecting communal areas and equipment.

3. Check all your details are correct online – If you haven’t got one yet, take a moment to claim your business It’s free and it will help customers find your business online. Rannko can help with this with PowerSync.

4. Adjust your business plan – Specifically, you may need to consider how your business can adjust to a new normal. For example, if you previously relied on foot traffic to a brick-and-mortar location for sales, you may need to look at a digital expansion to accommodate the higher numbers of people who are shopping from home.

5. Develop a plan for rebuilding – You may have several things you need or want to do to recover following COVID-19, but doing everything at once may not be realistic. What can help is having a time line to follow that prioritizes your most important actions first.

6. Keep posting on social media – These platforms can be a lifeline that offer a vital connection to the outside world. Use to schedule your social media posts ahead of time on every platform.

7. Listen to feedback – Customers often share their opinions online, make sure you are monitoring what they are saying. Use Rannko Review Manager to do this.

It has definitely been a strange year, but with a little forward thinking, it is possible to emerge from this like a phoenix.

We’re all in 2020 together. 2021 is cannot possible be worse!