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Rannko Fall 2019 Product Update


Rannko Fall Technology 2019 Product Update

Moving into fall, we have some exciting new updates to share with you. We understand the complexities that multi unit business have. We understand slim margins, tight deadlines, and the need to be more accessible to every business. We make it our business to understand yours and to provide you with the best support available, whether it be online chat, phone, conferences or screen sharing sessions. We have you covered! 

It is our mission to provide your businesses with the perfect set of products, tools and features to better measure the way you appear online. With that said, we are proud to share the following updates that are available:

Reviews Platforms Now Supported

  • Houzz
  • Groupon
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Patient connect 
  • Alignable
  • Carfax

Review Request Gating & Customization

Review requesting is extremely important in facilitating new reviews. Rannko now adds further customization to the review request page and offers new support for review gating and how your brand appears in the review requesting page. New features include: 

  • Turn off review gating in email 
  • Add additional editable content to the “Request Page,” “Positive Page” and “Negative Page”.
  • New NPS score type rating 
  • Hide aggregated star value under logo
  • Remove the ability for a reviewer to leave a negative review

Review Management Analytic Updates 

Gathering reviews is one thing… tracking metrics is another. In our never ending mission to make sense out of the data that is captured, we build new metrics that we believe business owners will be interested in. Below are the new metrics added:

  • New Sentiment Graph & Total Review Volume
  • Updated Layout  
  • Review Volume & Avg Rating Over Time
  • Review per month tracking in snapshot

Review Timeline Has a New Facelift 

Whenever new functionality is suggested, we have to go through multiple renditions to make sure that what we deliver is not bloated and over complicated. The navigation for reviews have been totally remapped and designed. Reviews now have the ability to be flagged, filtered, unfiltered, and time managed. The whole UI feels cleaner and more intuitive with brands that truly pop!

Listing Status Updates

When a customer signs up for our PowerListings product, sometimes we hit conflicts, sometimes we have pending verification updates. For whatever the reason, we have now built in “listing sync status updates”, listing clarity and transparency, check! 

HQ Multi Location Auto Review Responding

It’s hard enough managing multiple locations, when managing and responding to reviews we built a whole new system of template and auto review features. Create templates and auto share with the locations within for “corporate approved responses”. 

Publisher Suggestions Formatting

Formatting just means a new and improved way to understand the information in-front of you. We have done just that, taking information that reads like a paragraph of no punctuation, and broken that information into legible data.

BBB Complaints

We all know the Better Business Bureau is not just reviews and ratings, the BBB is a major hub for consumer complaints against businesses. Rannko now supports complaint monitoring and management, for both individual businesses and multi-location businesses. 

Deleting customers CRM in bulk

For those customers in your CRM that have left you a review, or those customers you wish to just remove from your list, we built an easy way to delete all, which saves you time and space.

Spam Be Gone! Update Email Sending URL

We are thrilled with how many email reviews are sent out each month, however, with the good, comes the not-so-good. As approach and exceed the 100k email mark, we are faced with spamming issues. Review requests were being delivered from {business_name] This caused a few security and spamming complaints for us. As we build to scale, we wanted to build out new email handlers. 

Email review requests remain 100% free, and unlimited. We want to keep it that way! However, now, you have a new sending address {business_name} A dedicated branded domain. Our answer to combating spamming and foreseeing potential speed bumps in the future of review requests, rely heavily on your support whilst we listen to your feedback. 

A New SMS Review Request

We needed to build a base, a more affordable and scalable option to sending SMS review requests. We now offer all businesses within the U.S the ability to send review requests from a shared 800 number. All businesses start with 20 free SMS messages.

For businesses that wish to have more connectivity and customization we offer “Vanity”. A customized local number of their choosing. You can also answer SMS responses via the messenger tab in the navigation.

We needed to build a base, a more affordable and scalable option to sending SMS review requests. We now offer all businesses within the U.S the ability to send review requests from a shared 800 number. All businesses start with 20 free SMS messages.

For businesses that wish to have more connectivity and customization we offer “Vanity”. A customized local number of their choosing. You can also answer SMS responses via the messenger tab in the navigation. 

Capture Historic Review

We want to add further review data to our platform, and you may have reviews that 10+ years old. For that, we offer historic reviews as standard when you first connect a review platform. The first run will go back and collect all the reviews for your business, providing further accurate data to compute your true public perception rating. 

Language Support Translation

As we improve support for local businesses in foreign countries, we learned that certain businesses that deal with foreigners see their reviews in a foreign language. Thus, we launched auto-detect and international language support. This auto-detect feature translates all reviews to your desired language.  

Adding Additional Location During Signup 

We have added further support and intelligence to how we sign up multi-unit businesses. If you are an existing customer, you can feel assured that under Setting > Business, you can add additional locations and make sure you are on the correct plan. If you are a new business, you can sign up and use our updated CSV or individual location import button. This can safely and quickly add your locations to your plan.  

Review Removals 

This does not mean we are deleting or removing negative reviews. This is in the occasion that you may be changing / switching names. Or you have added the incorrect url for a business in Rannko. 

User Interface / Design Updates 

Update to Secondary NavLeft Nav Update + Site Wide Font Updates Main dropdown navigate update to include grouping and accordion dropdown for Multi-Location account.

Rannko HQ For Multi Unit Businesses & Franchises 

We announced the update and launch of Rannko HQ in the summer 2019. Since then, we have launched many updates and expanded the Rannko platform to include all functionality offered to individual businesses. Redesigned and reimagined for the multi-location business. Having more than a few locations opens you up to a whole new world with Rannko, we welcome the opportunity to showcase all that Rannko HQ has to offer. 

Updating HQ Speed

When managing a business with more than 50 locations, your reviews will likely be in the thousands. Rannko now uses lazy loading when loading this data, improving speed 10 times faster. One of the pages most effected is our “Leadership Board,” seeing all your location aggregated data in one place, organized by their review score.

  • HQ – Review & Reputation Management
  • Snapshot Leaderboard
  • Analytics- Review Display
  • Automate
  • Review Request
  • Reporting 
  • HQ – PowerListings
  • Snapshot
  • Business Activity
  • Analytics 
  • HQ Social
  • Snapshot
  • Publishing
  • Content

Agency White Label

We are excited to announce the pending launch of Agency White Label – A whole new set of tools and white label options for agencies and resellers. We will be sharing more information on launch day which will soon be announced. 

Final Thoughts 

As I look back at the progress of 2019, it is truly amazing how much can be achieved when passion and determination come together. It’s always easy to look at something and think, “Why wasn’t it like that before.” I tend to have those ‘Aha’ moments every week, that are soon followed with new ideas and speaking with customers to whom I feel would best benefit from an additional piece of functionality. We want to spread this net wide, but we also must concentrate on specifics within each industry. We can now apply Rannko to the following industries:

  • Restaurants 
  • Retail
  • Salons & Spa
  • Healthcare 
  • Law Firms
  • Automotive & Marine 
  • Cannabis

Each industry is a different animal, yet all share one common denominator: they all listen to their customers, their reputation, and all strive to create better customer service. Rannko fits in like a glove, but this doesn’t stop there! We will continue to build on each industry and provide more and better tools to manage their online reputation. 

Thank you for all your continued support, 

Jason Payne
President & Founder