Rannko Spring 2019 Product Release Updates

rannko product release

Over the past few months we have been working diligently to bring awesome new updates YOU really care about. Though talking to our local businesses, partners and franchise accounts we were able to prioritize our updates. Not just to concentrate on more advanced enterprise solutions, but to concentrate on the “local first” approach, then building to scale.

With Rannko we are proud to announce:

Review Management Updates

Google QA Questions
We now support Google My Business Questions. An in-depth integration with Google that important questions customers as your business. You can respond to these questions in your Rannko account and see what your community are saying on behalf of your brand.

Intelligence: Auto Review Responding
We now support individual review auto responding for 1 star through 5 star ratings. Never again miss out on an opportunity to respond to a review.

Template Review Response
Create as many templated responses as you like. Simply apply a keyword tag for the review response and then pull on that response tag in the auto response button in reviews to save you time

Vertical Review Streams
You asked, we delivered. We now support vertical review stream layouts for your website. Streams for both carousel and vertical are fully responsive no matter what the device.

Review Analytics update
Ever wanted to see a more in-depth view of your reviews? Or compare results to previous months. Well, now you can!

Review CSV Reporting
Export your review reports to CSV, one time or on auto pilot.

BBB, Zillow & AVVO
We are pleased to announce new review platforms coming to the Rannko platform.

Rannko PowerListings

Listing Directory Page
Ask and you shall receive. We now show your business information on all the listings services we integrate with, all on one page. We have then added further functionality that lets you view you listing, opt our or sync.

Publisher Suggestions Update
Added support for new questions that GMB and listing directories support.

PowerListings Breakout
We have now segregated the data we collect from you, making this easier than ever to understand. Our new breakout points we share to the network for Business Information include; Core Business Information, Keywords, GMB Attributes, Social Media, Photos & Video. Information. For social media you can now create new call to actions buttons for you social media business page.

With “Google My Business” attributes. We tie into your industry and populate relevant attributed data to your business directory listings. For example, if you were a salon and selected the appropriate category. Your Google attributes would be:

Has Blowouts – Yes / No
Has Experience With Hair Thick Curly – Yes / No
Has Experience With Hair Thick Straight – Yes / No
Has Experience With Hair Thin Curly – Yes / No
Has Experience With Hair Thin Straight – Yes / No
Has Hair Coloring – Yes / No
Has Hair Perms – Yes / No
Has Haircuts For Children – Yes / No
Has Restroom – Yes / No

We are super excited to offer these new attribute updates, it is so important that businesses large and small take advantage of the way google sees your business.

Notification Updates

Notifications are important, we understand this. Business owners, marketers and everyone in-between value complete transparency. We then set out to improve the way notification are not only delivered, but responded too.

    Send me an email:
    When A Message Is Received
    For Rannko Product Updates
    Send Me A Monthly Snapshot
    Send Me Billing Notifications
    Send me an email:
    When A Review Is Received
    Only When I Receive A Negative Review
    When A Question Is Received
    Send me an sms:
    When A Review Is Received
    Only When I Receive A Negative Review
    When A Question Is Received
    Send me an email
    When A Publisher Suggestion Is Received

We complete a re-build of our notifications functionality. We snook in some behind the scenes updates that we worked tirelessly on.

Respond to reviews not just by SMS, but now by EMAIL. This may sound super simple, and in theory it is. However your privacy is a huge deal to us, we want you to be able to respond to reviews but not worry about who can respond to your review from a non authorized email address. So we built some fail safes and now assign each review a special I.D. If you have this notification update turned on you will receive the review in email format with a button beneath the review that says respond. Your responding address will look something like this reply.{id}@mg.rannko.com.

Thank you, if you have any questions or new feature requests. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Jason P. Payne | President & Founder