Procrastination – The one thing everyone has time for!


With a cup of coffee in hand, I start to scroll through my daily feed of social media. With a number of accounts to take care of, I am doing well after 15 minutes..And then something catches my eye..Some status about how someone is ill… I start to scroll through the comments section, trying to find some clue of how they got sick!

I come across a conversation of how they went to this particular restaurant, and ate this particular food, Blah, Blah, Blah…Next, I am scrolling through all the reviews of said particular restaurant! Trying to find some kind of reason why the person in the original status may have got sick.

30 minutes later I have found out why they were originally sick, and it had nothing to do with the restaurant in the first place.. PHEW! glad I got that sorted. But hey, what just happened… 30 minutes of scrolling, 30 minutes!! Going from one site to another, and in the mean time, the work I was supposed to be doing is still sat there…Welcome to Procrastination

‘Are we so bothered by the thought of FOMO?

There is no denying that the internet is an incredible invention, but it is undeniably a treacherous tightrope of Notifications and requests. You have to have a heart of steel to ignore all the ‘pings’ from the notification center..How did we all become so involved with having to immediately answer or investigate bits and pieces of information? Or are we so bothered by the thought of FOMO?

Here I am with a deadline and my Mother, bless her heart, keeps nudging me to play her quiz game on messenger, how can I resist without offending her…and another 15 minutes pass me by!

“Getting the right balance is so crucial…
Right, another coffee, now I’m going to concentrate…

Getting the right balance is so crucial when trying to organize your online activity, especially when it comes to social media. Yes, for the most part its fun, but for a large majority of us, we are also using social media to help our businesses.

I do know that running a business and keeping ahead of all the important information online is tough..which is why we enlisted the help of an online reputation management company called I couldn’t do it all on my own, especially with my procrastinating problem

Rannko helps me organize my posts ahead of time, responds to reviews immediately, syncs and publishes all my online data which improves my companies SEO.

So before I go ahead and check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, oh the list goes on…I first check on I check my reviews, my future posts and the data that has come through. This all takes less time that it does to play a quiz with my Mother!…
….Talking of which, I believe its my turn to play!