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Putting Your Business on the Map: PowerListings


These days businesses are easier than ever to start up… but even harder to showcase. Brick and mortar businesses are often fighting for attention as competition skyrockets. According to, over 543,000 new businesses are started each month. Only half of those businesses survive the first five years, and the numbers decline even more with time. A big reason for this is because businesses cannot simply rely on word-of-mouth as a marketing strategy — local listings are one the the most likely ways customers will find your business.

In the age of technology, consumers have drastically changed the way they find new businesses. Not only will they search online for business information and reviews but they look for consistent and accurate information. Many listings often contain out-of-date or incorrect information such as business hours, telephone number, or location. This can erode brand trust and cost you many customers. Rannko’s PowerListings takes care of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and presents your brand over 60 listing platforms with consistent and accurate business information.

Information Syncing Across Multiple Listing Platforms

A successful business does not only include a good product and good service. It includes providing accurate information about your business that can be showcased throughout the web- and not just your website. In fact, business listings receive almost 3 times as many views than a brand’s actual website. In addition to search engines such as Google and Bing, consumers use city guides, review sites, mobile apps, and other platforms to discover new businesses. PowerListings will sync your business location(s), telephone and fax number, email, hours of operation and more valuable information to over 80 listing platforms to ensure that your business will be seen by your potential customers.

Your Business listing does not matter if it is incorrect or inaccurate. 32% of consumers will not buy from a business with incorrect information listed online. Accurate and up-to-date information is an essential way to introduce your business to a potential customer, starting the relationship off right.

Analytics and Business Interactions

In addition to having your business showcased thought the web meeting the eyes of your many potential clients, PowerListings allows you to see the traffic that goes through each listing. This is a unique product that you can utilize to see patterns of which search engines and resources are most popular. You will bee able to view how many users are interacting with your listings and which search queries they are using to find you. You will be able to review how your listings are performing and how users are engaging with them. This allows you to see performance results and it also gives you the analytics of how well traffic is traveling over time. All of this important information can be viewed through your desktop or on-the-go through your mobile device or tablet.

Take Control of your Local Listings

How many times have you called a business via business listings online? Imagine being able to track all of these calls from one platform. Tracking where all your emails and inquiries came from. PowerListings is your gateway to easy tracking and SEO success.

Rannko’s PowerListings is an affordable and easy way to present your business to the dozens of platforms with a consistent name, address and phone number -all under one umbrella.