If You Run a Restaurant, Here’s How We Fit In.



“What do you fancy eating?” is a common phrase throughout most households, and the list of possibilities are endless. In this day and age, almost anything is on the menu, but how you choose where to eat, has dramatically changed over the past decade. 

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective forms of marketing, and social media has only pushed that to the next level. 

In order to grow your business and keep your tables filled, you need to understand how people are choosing where they want to eat. Hopefully you give your guests a great experience to encourage them to come back, but for people who’ve never been to your restaurant, all you have to work with is potential customers searching online.

Social media though plays a huge role in todays decision making. Just about every consumer searches online before visiting a restaurant, with 85% of people trusting the reviews that they read online.

So a good profile on a review site, with lots of pictures, positive reviews, and filled with information, can attract customers by highlighting what is great about your restaurant.

make sure your restaurant is up front and center across all platforms.

With One Billion restaurant visitors directly impacted by online marketing, it’s a smart idea to have an up-to-date listing on every relevant dining review site, both local and world-wide.

Other factors to consider are;

90 percent of guests research a restaurant online before dining—more than any other business type.

92 percent of consumers read restaurant reviews.

57 percent of those guests viewed restaurant websites before selecting where to dine.

77 percent prefer peer reviews versus critic reviews.

52 percent of all worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones, up from 50 percent in the previous year.

33 percent would never eat a restaurant with less than four stars.

By understanding these trends of where and how people search for something to eat, you can make sure your restaurant is up front and center across all platforms.

customers want to see your menu before they hop in the car


Using a review and reputation software company is the easiest and most cost effective way to manage your online presence. Rannko is a company that caters to restaurants, and here’s why;

Restaurant’s Core Data in Sync

The details about your restaurant are important to your guests. Having accurate information wherever your restaurant is listed increases the chance that you’ll have a full dining room every night.

Put Your Restaurant Where Your Customers Are.

Staying active on the social channels, keeps your Restaurant prominent, but being proactive online can take up a lot of your time. Rannko has created a social media posting schedule so that you can share and integrate your menu, new meal images, restaurant events, and special offers ahead of time

Menus Change. Publish & Sync It!

Consumers are more and more prepared for the activities they engage in, even eating! Today, customers want to see your menu before they hop in the car, and head to your restaurant. Smart Menus allows you to manage and sync every drink and dish from one platform.

Encourage Your Clients to Share Their Joy & Keep Talking After The Meal.

Engage with your guests that enjoyed their experience in your Restaurant. Manage your digital reputation and follow up with customers that shared their dining experiences in real time with automated-responses. Or, login and custom-respond to your customers with ease on multiple platforms in one place.


Rannko helps your restaurant monitor your brand across multiple platforms, keeping you ahead of the game. Having a multi unit or a franchise Restaurant is no problem either as Rannko has a unique HQ dashboard which offers a full platform that will give you the 30,000-foot view of your locations reputation and overall online presence. 

There is no doubt that we now use a different way of searching for a good place to eat, and we use the internet to help make our choices. So making sure that all your info is up-to-date, your latest specials are available online and your reviews are in good order, keeps those happy eaters coming to sample your menu!