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Meerkat social – It’s a bit of an animal!


Have you ever wished that you could duplicate yourself? I know I have…
As a business owner, life would be so much simpler. I could delegate myself to do the 101 jobs a business owner has to do, and still have time for my clients

as business owners, we wear many hat

Lets face it, as business owners, we wear many hats… and sometimes important tasks get put aside, like social media posting…and we all know how important that is! It can definitely make a difference!! A higher profile on all social media platforms, and your business will see a lot more traffic as people and future clients engage..and that means more cash in the register!

I saw that time and time again…I would have a run of postings. Potential new clients would like our page, comment or call our business. But then I would get busy, the postings would drop, and so would our presence online.

I needed a pair of extra hands.

And then I was shown and one of their components, Meerkat social!

“This amazing tool can help you manage all of your social media networks with one click posting” said Jason Payne, Rannko’s CEO “It will also allow you to pre-schedule your content and provide access to thousands of related articles”

Get time back

“ By pre-scheduling ahead of time, you will spend less time posting and more time growing with this simple to use social media tool”

I was sold! Rannko was basically was giving me time back, allowing me to concentrate on my clients.

On Meerkat social they have three major actions…

Social Dashboard – This is where you can schedule a post and see your social presence at a glance. Tracking likes, followers and overall performance of your social network and post popularity.

Timeline – See all your posts from every social network on one consolidated screen and see how many likes, shares or comments each post received.

URL shortener – Create and track lengthy links out to your web pages or articles and monitor how often users engage with them.

But oh! there is such much more!
One of the things that I love about Meerkat social, is their content button. One click and it opens up a whole host of articles and content from all business categories and all shareable! Now I don’t have to trawl my way through endless online magazines looking for appropriate articles to share to my social platforms. Brilliant!

Picture this…Sunday morning, I’m sat on my balcony, coffee in hand, and my laptop open. I select the times and days that I wish to publish, and then simple concentrate on the content I like, and Meerkat Social will automatically schedule to the next available slot.
Just like that, my social media is done for the whole week, leaving me to wear the most important hat – the one with my clients.
This is smart scheduling at its finest!