πŸ†• Updates You Just Can’t Help But 😊 About!

Rannko Product Updates

March was a big month for Rannko — we have been hard at work improving our service and adding updates.Β We stepped into your shoes and picked Rannko apart from every angle. Doing just this helps make our software even better for you and your business.Β The most innovative cloud-based software can continually is delivered to you. Our goal is to make your marketing easy like Sunday morning

Without further adieu, here are the key updates we’ve made in March 2018 that will help to add more time to your day and remove the frustration digital marketers know all too well.


Managing a business is hard work, and sometimes that keeps you pulled in a million different directions. Not being able to stay up-to-date on all the happenings of your business can sometimes cause problems, too, especially when it comes to customer feedback.

As of March 2018, Rannko has happily released Reporting! This will help you stay updated on the feedback from your customers, patients, or guests, without missing a single beat.Β We offer customized schedules to multiple recipients of your Review Management activity, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or other time period.Β Our reports also include a Snapshot, detailing a brief summary of your business before listing out the reviews you’ve received.

Web Analysis

Today, a website is your #1 one way to connect with customers, old and new. If your site is not performing at its best, then it’s even more likely your customers will head down the road, skipping by you like a rock in the dirt. Don’t give them the chance; use Rannko Web Analysis to measure your site’s SEO so you continue to out-rank the competition.

From your SEO score and on-site recommendations to tech improvements and more, Rannko Web Analysis can be requested every 7 days for you to continue to move towards complete website optimization. Take these web analysis reports to your development team for consideration and implementation, or if you manage your own site, update items on your own without having to spend time searching for ways to perfect your optimization with ease.

Multi-Location Parent Account

Owning one business is hard enough, let alone multiple locations. With a Parent Account, you get access to see all of your locations at once. You can monitor activity at the individual location level, or compile this into a larger, general data pull to see the overall business performance.

With the Parent Account access, you’ll have the ability to manage access levels of employees at each location, or act entirely as an independent location for social postings, review management, local listings, and every other element of digital marketing that Rannko can assist with.

Smaller, Yet Equally Important, Update Launches

Not only have we launched big developments, but we’re also tweaking the existing products, too! This allows you access to exactly what you need to run your digital marketing flawlessly and, more importantly, more efficiently.Β Our most recent changes include:

  • Ability to Pause Your Social Schedule. Sometimes, your business may be closed for a short period of time, or you need to slow down your posting schedule a bit. No need to delete what you’ve already scheduled out. Pause the schedule and resume when you’re ready to re-post on social media again.
  • Create Multiple Report Schedules. If you need more than daily, weekly or monthly reporting schedules, that’s no problem! Develop a reporting schedule that fits your needs, and have multiple reporting schedules running simultaneously.
  • Parent All-Locations Report. At the Parent account level for multi-location accounts, create reports just for the corporate review accounts, or pull an all-locations report to share review metrics for your entire business with just a extra click.
  • Upload New or Select Current Images in Meerkat Social. Instead of having to find those old images you used months ago in a folder on your computer, just select “Choose Existing” and search for the image in Rannko’s database!
  • Schedule Posts with Emojis. Today, emojis are on πŸ”₯. From 😊 to πŸ” and more, the sky is the limit. And with Rannko, don’t be limited. These emojis can publish through the Social Post Creator right to your social media pages. Go crazy, use emojis, and earn the elevated engagement that emojis are reigning in today!
Rannko is continually expanding its software capabilities and updates, so expect continued updates in the weeks and months to come. A month ago, we shared the revamped Task Manager, and have quickly added much, much more to the Rannko suite. For now, enjoy these great features, and check out Rannko to learn more about how you can get a jump on your digital footprint!