Turning Up the Heat: June Updates Recap

June Updates - Rannko

Another month has come and gone – we are blazing right into full summer heat. We kept the fire lit – despite the summer heat – to continue to launch our suite of products forward. In June, we spent time focusing on reviews through Review Management to help your brand stay cool (and positive)!

Introducing: Review Streams

This past month, our team of Developers worked tirelessly to create something new – fully customizable Review Streams! Now, these review streams offer even more control for you to to take charge of your brand. Showcase the customer feedback on your own website the way that matters most.

We understand how important customization is for you and your business. With that in mind, Review Streams under the Review Management software in Rannko puts you in charge and allows you to feature the reviews that matter most to you online. Our customers have asked for options, and we’ve delivered on that. You now can create the stream of reviews that you feel is best suited for your site, or even deeper, individual pages on your site.

Sample Review Stream

Feature your latest 5-star reviews or customize them by site or user with with our easy-to-use Review Stream creator!

Creating a review stream is quite simple in Rannko. Within a matter of a few clicks, you have a unique string of reviews that can be:

  • Constantly updated: Allow Rannko to pull in the latest 5-star reviews as they come in from your customers.
  • Moderated by site: Only interested in featuring reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp or another provider? Create a stream that only showcases reviews from that site.
  • User Specific: Don’t try to say it yourself. Do your customers say it best? Want that review to be showcased on some of your most-visited pages? No problem!

Once you’ve created your custom stream, add it to the page(s) of your choice on your website simply by using the code to have the stream framed in on your site – that’s it! You’ve now got custom review streams on your site to make sure your visitors know just how great your brand is!

Find Out More

We’d love to share this, and all the other great features of Rannko, with you directly! If you have a half hour in your busy schedule to work towards freeing more time on your calendar and still maintaining a strong online brand presence, schedule a Demo with one of our skilled representatives today! You won’t regret it!