April 2018 Rannko Updates

Reporting Updates

What do peonies and a 17th century cross-Atlantic ship have in common? They’re both Mayflowers! Out goes April and in comes May, and Mother Nature sure has been in rare form this past month; however, we are optimistic for an abundance of colorful flowers and warm weather changes this coming month.

Reporting Changes

Also in abundance are the changes and alterations made to our Reporting product within the Rannko suite. We understand that customization is key in the digital age, no matter the scope. Therefore, we have taken a hard, deep look into our Reports that provide insight on our Review Management in order to offer you even more detailed metrics. With our latest updates, you will find some fresh changes that include:

  • Multiple report schedules.
  • Ability to include/disclude a snapshot of your reviews, show complete reviews, and show responses that have posted for the reviews.
  • Name your report so you know which one you are looking at. This is good for multi-schedule reports.
  • Receive reporting in your inbox at 6am on the day of the report scheduled report that’s being pulled.

In addition to the new features for just single-location businesses, we have also ramped the Reporting platform for multi-location accounts that have a Parent account. Now, within the Parent Account, you can customize reporting to (including everything above):

  • Pull a report just for your parent, corporate account.
  • Pull a report set for all of your business locations, sorted by location.
  • Exclude any locations that did not receive reviews for the given period.

We are always working to make our product offerings here at Rannko crisp, functional and incredibly efficient. Take a look for yourself by visiting Rannko, or schedule a demo with us and we’ll show you first-hand!