Contracts In A Contract-Free World

Go Contract-Less in 2018

In today’s world, contracts are a word that more and more companies are throwing out the window, ripping in half, and stuffing into paper shredders. No one is looking to be tied down, restricted to one product or service for years and years. Our world evolves quickly, innovating methods almost daily.

Since this is so, why are so many companies and agencies still stuck in the past, forcing companies big and small into contracts they don’t need or want. Many of today’s companies and products are unhelpful. Yes, that’s right. Some don’t know what they’re doing and lock clients into long contracts that return little to no valuable service. Others are very reputable but don’t evolve with the shifting market. This may not pose a threat to big businesses, but what about small businesses?

Small, local businesses in your hometown don’t have endless funds and multiple chances to get it right. They have one, maybe two if they’re lucky, to hit the nail on the head. With so many agencies out there just looking to strike rich and not build into their clients, it is eat or be eaten for each small business out there. For those of us who are up and up in the digital marketing world, we don’t have to fear. But those smaller, locally owned businesses are looking for answers. Sadly, the first agency emitting positivity will get their business, and often signed year+ contracts.

Be smart and critical when partnering with any digital marketing agency or service. What does this mean? Consider the following points before making a decision and signing on the dotted line:


Establish regular lines of communication with your agency, as well as the right people to connect with. Agencies who are regularly unavailable or don’t give you easy ways to get in touch with them are likely not going to offer you the service you need.


Your digital marketing agency should be open and honest from the beginning. From the sales pitch to the services offered months down the road, leave no stone unturned. It is your business’ success at heart, so don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions.

Contract Terms (If Applicable)

If you must sign a contract, make sure you are aware of the terms. Agencies that offer contract terms any longer than three, maybe six months, should raise some concern. It is likely that those offering year-long and multi-year contracts will not continue to improve their services. This will leave your business in the year you signed with them. Some services relative to SEO will take some time to see the benefits of the work done, upwards of a few months. However all others are things that are quickly measurable after just a couple weeks of hard work.

Willingness To Industry Changes

The digital marketing game changes rapidly. Agencies that seem to have the perfect plan and will get it right every time are unaware of these changes. Your agency should be willing to shift, grow, and develop just as the industry does.

Rannko’s Position

Rannko is one agency that does not believe in contracts. Your money and your satisfaction is key to our success. We understand that your business is your pride and joy, and therefore we offer affordable ways to manage it. Our goal is to give you the tools to drive your business your way. Whether you are with us for a month or a year plus, you are never tied to a commitment of any kind. This keeps us accountable, continuing to push forward into bettering your business. From the words of our President and Founder, Jason Payne:

“Throughout the years, I have come to painfully accept that certain companies tie you in for year contracts. However, I do not believe this is the way it should be, especially for marketing companies & products! When a business invests in marketing, one must act quickly and adapt economically to new market trends without being bogged down with the dreaded marketing vendor that holds them by ransom with a ‘term sheet’. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of services out there that you will need to continuously invest in (think SEO, business synchronization, website support etc…). But if, for any reason, you’re not happy with the way they conduct business, the ball should always be in your court to say, ‘STOP’!

With both companies I run, contracts have always been at the bottom of the pile. In certain cases they are required, but they are ALWAYS month to month. Transparency is, and shall always be, the defining factor of trust that a client has with us. For that reason, we developed, a turn key affordable marketing product that has an immediate impact on your business, large or small, whether a single location or 500+ location franchise.”

Rannko takes pride in offering a contract-free marketing tool so that you can spend less time on the computer and still optimize your digital space with ease. See how you can take control of your business in 2018.