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Press Release: Weigel Strategic Marketing Teams with Rannko Online Reputation Platform


Collaboration Will Allow Funeral Homes to Better Monitor and Manage Their Online Reputation

Tampa, FL – As part of its pledge to offer a complete spectrum of marketing services for funeral homes, Weigel Strategic Marketing has announced a new venture with Rannko online reputation management suite.  Rannko is the most affordable digital reputation management software platform that helps local businesses like funeral homes control their online presence.  By utilizing the power of the Rannko platform, funeral homes can better manage their online brand.  From both a reactive and proactive standpoint, the way to a better online reputation for funeral homes starts with the Rannko Reputation Marketing Platform.

“Not too long ago, it was easy for funeral homes to monitor their reputation in the community by simply following the local news and attending service club meetings.  Now there are dozens of places for families to leave comments on the web and online reviews have never been more important,” said Joe Weigel, owner of Weigel Strategic Marketing.  “Platforms like Google and Yelp make it extremely easy for families to hear about a bad experience with a funeral home.  Rannko helps funeral professionals get control of their reputation by integrating information and monitoring reviews across the internet from one platform.”

With more than 100 places to list business information on the web, Rannko offers a funeral home the ability to sync their key information with each of them using just the click of a button.  This way, when a funeral home’s information changes, it can be updated in Rannko and pushed out to these listings with ease.  And with 85 percent of consumers trusting online reviews as much as recommendations from a friend or family member, it’s crucial that funeral directors stay abreast and take control of conversations about their firm online.

“We’re very excited to be working with Joe on this collaboration, and in particular, impressed on what he knows about marketing in the funeral profession,” said Rannko CEO Jason Payne. “It’s very challenging presenting our value proposition to a profession that at times can be slow to change, but Joe has been instrumental in helping us create our offering.

Rannko saves valuable time when it comes to managing a funeral home’s online brand. Whether the firm’s business listings need updating, their online presence and reputation require monitoring or the firm is just looking for suggestions on how to improve the funeral home’s website, Rannko is a one-stop shop.  In short, Rannko helps funeral directors take ownership of the many aspects of their digital footprint beyond simply their online reputation.

With the help of Weigel, Rannko has already launched a new landing page (, where funeral directors can learn more about the comprehensive Rannko platform and to sign up for Rannko. Together, they are exploring additional marketing programs to help bring the Rannko message to the funeral profession.

“As professional caregivers, funeral directors spend endless hours meeting with families, helping them plan funerals for their loved one and then ensuring every last detail of the service occurs without incident,” commented Weigel.  “With so much time being spent on the running the firm, there is little time to monitor and invest in the funeral home’s online presence, that is, until now.  Rannko is the innovative solution to growing a families’ satisfaction and ensuring that a funeral professional’s time is spent working with families rather than on attracting them to the firm.”

According to 2018 research by the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), more than half of all families have visited a funeral home’s website.  And these families are not hesitant to provide reviews about the service they receive from funeral homes. The challenge is staying abreast of all the online conversations taking place.

“A general rule of thumb for marketers is to spend 20% of the time creating content and 80% of the time promoting it.  Funeral homes understand better than most businesses how challenging that can be when a day is filled up with arrangements, phone calls, and funeral preparations,” said Payne.  “Rannko enables funeral directors to spend their time where it matters most by taking out the tedious aspects of social media management.  With Rannko, funeral directors can view, manage and post to their social accounts all from one place and schedule out their weekly content with the click of a button.”

About Rannko:  Rannko is the #1 online digital platform for reputation management, social media management, listings management, and web analysis.   With Rannko, you can automate your digital marketing efforts to save you time and optimize your digital footprint simultaneously.  Rannko was designed with local businesses like funeral homes and law firms in mind. Rannko enables funeral professionals to build, consolidate, unify and empower their funeral home in a way that will attract families, increase the funeral home staff’s productivity and operate a successful online presence. Rannko can be contacted at 888-909-9939 or by email

About Weigel Strategic Marketing:  Weigel Strategic Marketing is a full-service marketing firm that is focused on helping businesses in funeral service succeed. From funeral service suppliers to cemeteries and funeral homes, Weigel Strategic Marketing operates as a marketing and communications resource that specializes in delivering expertise and results across three interrelated marketing disciplines: strategy, branding and communications to help death care companies with their business challenges.  To learn more, visit or email the company at